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    Your health is your wealth ...

protect it from the damage caused by smoking.

Stop Nicotine Filter

The only one that protects you from the damage caused by smoking.
We produce the only and the best filter in the world. It is used with water pipes and cigarettes.
Each filter can be used for 15 water pipe tobacco portions, or 10 packs of cigarettes
Stop Nicotine Filter.

The only healthy filter that absorbs bacteria, tar and nicotine. It does not change the aroma of the tobacco, and does not contain any chemical compounds. It is recorded at The Egyptian Chemistry Authority, under technical report No. 053/43275/418/2005.
Stop Nicotine Filter is the only filter that protects you from the damage caused by smoking, and makes the smoker comfortable.
The filter has been distributed in the Americas, Europe, and the Arab countries.





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